Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Welcome! We’re so glad to be back!

Chicago may be our home, but we proudly serve authentic New York style, hand-tossed, thin crust pizza pies using only the freshest ingredients. With fifteen toppings and six different sauces, we have traditional and inventive combinations for every craving.

Fresh dough, made from scratch daily, is the foundation of our specialty whole pies. Crispy on the bottom, but soft enough for the “New York Fold,” individual slices are hot and ready to go day or night.

While pizza is our heart and soul, we fashion our delicious homemade meatballs, marinara and chili with Tom’s proven recipes. Traditional Italian pasta entrees, sandwiches, appetizers, and salads simplify a dinner at home or your next catered event.

We are many different things to many different people – a lunch stop, a dinner delivery, an evening craving, a family restaurant and a friendly hangout. At our center is a desire to invest in our hometown, Crystal Lake, and to welcome those passing through with excellent food and warm customer service.